Saturday, December 27, 2014

Laney’s Story

Laney was an amazing daughter and the second of my six children. She did many wonderful things in her short life. She grew up near the San Rafael Swell where she loved to hike in places like the Wedge, Swinging Bridge, and Little Goblin Valley. She learned to do woodworking and crafts at a young age and was extremely creative. She enjoyed using her skills to do things for others. She loved to bake, and could often be found making a cake or making cookies to take to someone. Don’t worry, she would usually leave some of the broken ones for us. And we loved it.

Laney was a tremendous athlete. As a 10 year old, she played softball with casts on both feet. She had seven varsity letters in four different sports. She played high school volleyball, basketball, softball, and track. She held many records at her high school and received many awards.
She was a high school referee for volleyball and basketball, doing varsity games her very first year. From the time she was 15, she worked for the recreation department in our small town serving the youth by teaching them the things she loved about sports and being a wonderful example to them.

Laney championed her brother, who is disabled, even changing her major in college to special education so she could help other kids like her brother. She adored her sisters and was very close to them. She included them in many of her activities, whether it be a trip to the lake or to pizza night with her friends, she always included them.
She was bold and strong, always speaking her mind. She didn’t care what others thought about her, but she thought about what was right and true. One always knew where they stood with Laney.
She was also passionate, considerate and faithful. She put her whole heart into every endeavor. She strived to be the best, but that didn’t mean leaving someone behind. She sought out those who needed a friend. When the coach made one girl run extra for being late to practice, Laney ran with her. She sacrificed her precious time serving others. And she taught others to do the same.

Laney was in love with the most amazing guy, and was well on her way to the life that she had always dreamed of with him. In August of 2011, Laney fell while they were hiking in the mountains close to our home and passed away. He was with her when she died, and our family will forever be grateful to him for loving her so completely. He is the kind of man who knew exactly what to do when she needed him the most. He continues to spend many hours at our home, and we love him very much.

Laney was an avid journal writer. The night she died, we were looking in her journals and found many amazing things that we knew were meant for us.  One of those things was her written testimony. As a result of her incredible influence for good on others, we have shared her story with the hope that she will continue to impact others. Her legacy will live on.
So proud to be called,”Laney’s mom,”
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